Getting to Whistler

Flights to Canada

The well-known cheap airlines to fly to Canada with are Canadian Affair and Air Transit. It’s also good to check out the popular flight comparison and deals sites:

If you have time on your side it’s often $100 to $200 cheaper to fly into Seattle rather than Vancouver. Then take the Greyhound to Vancouver. Price’s for the Greyhound from Seattle can range from $20 to $40 and journey is 4 hours long.

Bus to Whistler

Taking the bus to Whistler is probably the cheapest option unless you’re car sharing with 3 or more people. The bus takes 2 hours and 30 minutes from Vancouver. The three main bus companies going to Whistler are:

Greyhound is usually the cheapest option at around $20. Plus it’s lower if you book online.

The Snowbus is a much more pimping ride. With movies, snacks and a host on each bus. The Snowbus costs around $38 or $25 with a Canadian student card or a hostelling international card. An advantage of the Snowbus is that it has a stop close to the Vancouver Airport so if you fly in you can avoid having to lug your bags into Downtown Vancouver.

The Pacific also has a stop near the airport. One-way tickets start from $50. With all of the above bus services be warned you may have to pay an additional $10-$15 to bring skis, snowboard or a bike box on board.

Driving to Whistler

Driving to Whistler is very straightforward. There’s only one road, the route 99 also called the Sea to Skyway. It takes about 2 hours to drive from Vancouver.

Ride sharing and hitchhiking are more common in Canada than in Europe. There’s many websites that can help organise this:

Although considered safe in Canada, hitchhikers should keep their wits about them and be sensible when selecting ride share companions.

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