Interview Questions

To make life even easier for you we’ve drafted up some commonly asked interview questions and answers. For the most part they are pretty straight-forward but a little bit of preparation goes a long way!

Question 1. Tell me about yourself

The best way to answer this is to briefly outline 3-5 strengths about yourself you know will be key to the job. So for example if it was a customer service job; you may mention in a previous position you dealt regularly face to face with customers, how in school/college you always possessed strong communications skills and/or that your communications were further honed in many of the team sports you played.

Question 2. Why do you want to work here?

It’s important when answering this question that you explain why you want to work at this particular organisation as opposed to just why you want a job in general. The interviewer wants to know you have thought about where you want to work and in particular why you are a good match for the organisation. For example for a job with the mountain you might say ‘I researched working at Whistler Blackcomb a lot before i came out and from then have always had my heart set on working for the mountain. In particular i was really able to identify with the core values and the mission statement of the resort. Making Whistler Blackcomb the number 1 resort is something i really want to be part of’.

Question 3. What are your strengths?

Before the interview identify what strengths would be good for the job. Then at the interview explain how you have these strengths. If you feel you have time give an example of when you have used those strengths.

Question 4. What are your weaknesses?

Before the interview identify a strength that you could say is a weakness. For example if the job was to be a room attendent you might explain how sometimes you can be obsessed with fine details or another example for a customer service job where it is important to talk to customers you might say your weakness is that you never stop talking.

Questions 5. What experience do you have?

If you have prior experience outline where you worked and what you did. If you have no relevant experience outline another job or time in school in college where you have used relevant skills. Failing that tell a few porkies!

Question 6. Tell me about a time you have shown initiative?

This is a good one to have preplanned as it comes up a lot and can be hard to think of on the spot.  An example might be for a server that a barman asked for a suggestion for a drink of the day and you told him a new cocktail.

Questions 7. Tell me about a time you have had to deal with a troublesome customer?

This is easy enough just explain how in a previous job you assisted a cranky customer. Explain how at first you listened and empathized with the customer, calming them down and then proceeded to find a resolution that left the customer smiling.

Question 8. What do you know about our company?

Before the interview read up a bit about the company and what it will be like to work there.


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