Travel Insurance

If you plan on doing a season insurance is an essential. Many visa types also stipulate it as a requirement for entry into Canada. It may seem like a possible way to cut costs, but don’t! Failing to have health insurance can lead to astronomical costs being incurred in the event you are seriously injured.

With most insurers you will need to get basic cover and wintersports cover. If you plan to hit the bike park in summer you will need additional cover for that also.

Insurers break the perceived risks of activities into grades. Usually grade 1 covers basic activities like jogging and soccer and the other extreme Grade 4 would cover more extreme sports like kite surfing and gliding. Though remember every insurer will have slightly different grades.

Please note a lot of insurers will only cover for injuries incurred on piste. If you plan to do a lot of off piste backcountry riding you should check your insurer covers it. A well-known insurer for backcountry is Global Rescue.  Though for most seasonaires in Whistler there is enough mountain on piste to ever get bored. The insurers that most go for are outlined below.

All Countries

Australian Residents Insurance

UK Residents Insurance

Irish Residents Insurance

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