The Ultimate Whistler Jobs Guide

Thousands arrive in this amazing resort town every year with the hope of spending a season working and having fun in this awesome playground. Here’s our ultimate guide to finding jobs in Whistler.

Where to Find a Job?

You will find job listings on Craigslist and in one of the local newspapers, Pique Newsmagazine. However, the best way to find a job is out on the beat! Print off a bunch of resumes and drop them into every bar, restaurant, shop and club in the village. Dress smart, be polite, ask for the manager and check out our job tips!

Jobs Fairs

Large employers usually host jobs fairs from mid October to November.  Some jobs fairs you have to pre-register to attend. Whistler Blackcomb host the biggest jobs fair, usually one for resort staff and one for bar and restaurant staff. You can check the Whistler Blackcomb employment page for the most current information on upcoming job fairs and how to register.

Other employers who host jobs fairs are:

The Fairmount Chateau
The Four Seasons Hotel
The Gibbons Hospitality Group (Buffalo Bills/Longhorns/Tapley’s/Garfinkel’s/The FireRock Lounge)

They usually advertise dates – and whether or not you will need to pre-register – in the local press. Follow us on Facebook for Jobs Fair updates.

Recruitment Abroad

The below agencies are used by Whistler Blackcomb to recruit overseas:

All Tracks
Universal Student Exchange
The Working Holiday Club
Yes Tours

The above agencies can be very helpful in finding your dream job in Whistler, but they do charge for their services. If you are on a budget you can always just land in Whistler and with a little determination you will be able to pick up a job quickly enough.

Top 10 tips for finding a job in Whistler

1. Get to Whistler early

The mountains open for the Winter season in late November. However, recruiting can start as early as mid-October. This is the best time to get here for a choice of jobs. Most job fairs are at the end of October or early November.

2. ‘Resume-bomb’ the village

Pound the pavement and drop a resume into each bar, restaurant, hotel and shop in the village. Ask for the manager where possible. They get so many applications so it’s always good to try meet them in person and make an impression.

3. Dress smart

A tux is over the top but wear smart jeans and a nice top and you will be fine.

4. Be polite

Speak clearly and politely. Don’t say man, dude, homes or bru!

5. Get two references

If you can, get two written references before you arrive in Whistler. If you have never worked before, then teachers, principals and lecturers will do just fine.

6. Revisit

After you drop in a resume, if you don’t hear anything after a few days then drop in again and check if there are any vacancies. As above, it’s always good to meet the managers in person.

7. Go to job fairs

These are usually held in October and November, but make sure you like us on Facebook to keep updated with the latest job options in Whistler.

8. Prepare for interviews

Research a company before you go to an interview. Think about the questions you will be asked and prepare your answers.

9. Keep your options open

Many places hire too many people at the start. So sometimes it can work to have two part-time jobs, then keep the one you like.

10. Smile

Honestly, it will help a lot! Whistler is a service-based resort economy. Businesses like happy staff.


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